horoscope march 28 pisces

The most compatible signs with Leo are generally considered to be Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. The least compatible signs with Leo are generally considered to be Taurus and Scorpio. A persons Moon, Mars, Venus and other planets positions at the time of birth all influence.

Intimacy, but not necessarily sex, will be a powerful tool for you in this transit. Be romantic and watch it come back to you tenfold! Has someone you love been feeling a little left out lately? It may be time to spread the word that they are the apple of your eye. Be creative in love this month, Leo, and it will pay off in spades. It is moments like these that are what games like Truth or Dare were made for. Be open, and watch the magic happen. Venus in Pisces is working your seventh house of love, sweet love, Virgo.

For you, Virgo, love horoscopes under this transit show romance for you will be all about balance. Giving and taking will be key in love for you under this transit. What you want in love is for everyone to be happy, even if you sacrifice a few things. This time around, make a wish and guess what, it could actually happen!

Time to set the stage for a solid commitment, whether you are single or attached. This is the real deal, Virgo.

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Taurus and Pisces Love Compatibility

We promise. A tough choice will be upon you, dear Libra , with Venus in Pisces, but this is not as tough as it looks. When she leaves the dishes to run a bath for the little one, do them for her. This is romance for her right now.

When he needs that cold cocktail after getting home from work, get it for him without waiting to be asked. Little things like this make romantic partners stop and take notice, and fall in love.

Venus in the Sign of Pisces

A naughty little gift for your sweetie as well will reap wonderful rewards. Whether you are single or attached, Venus wants you to stretch those boundaries during this period. When you do, Venus will help you make them last.

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To some your ego is inflated, Scorpio, but you know best that your soul is served well that way. You are really going to have that ego boost over the next several weeks when it comes to love. When it comes to love under this transit, your love horoscopes show that the more confidence you have, the more likely you will create a legendary romance by the time this transit is through. Go for it! Venus in Pisces is working your fifth house of love for a few weeks, and many planets will soon follow.

This launches a very saucy time for you. Just have fun.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Pisces?

No really. This is not the time to be obsessed. This is the time to just…enjoy. If you can conquer this, Scorpio, you will be set for romance for the rest of the year. Being breezy is darned attractive, and Venus has some surprises for you that will stand the test of time, if you let them.

For you, Sagittarius, love is what makes the world go around, but you sometimes get your wires crossed when it comes to commitment. Keep that mentality. Spread love wherever you can to friends, family, and loved ones, and a very special Venus miracle is headed right in your direction.

Venus in Pisces is working your fourth house of roots and foundations, making home very important over this romantic period. Netflix and chill. If you are attached, try not to burn the midnight oil too much, and save some of that energy for your honey. Go home! Avoid competition, as this will backfire in love. Instead, just be real with your crush or dates, and let that fiery personality of yours shine. Time for a break, Capricorn? Do something fun and stress free that requires no organization or thought whatsoever.

When you do, the easy breezy love vibes you need to loosen you up will be almost overwhelming for you. In a good way!

Sexual Astrology - Venus in Pisces

Venus is working your communication house Capricorn, and so love horoscopes show that when you use your words, you win in love. Just say what you feel in love, whether single or attached. Come from a place of love, and watch love multiply. For you, Aquarius, love horoscopes show that manifesting miracles from this transit will be about finding the comfortable things in life. Comfort food, comfort people, comfort blanket, whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy is where you should put your energy. Comfort and easiness breeds romance and open hearts. Follow yours and report back!

When you tap into your gifts and talents, you will see love get very romantic in a way that lasts for many months. For you, Aquarius, Venus is working your second house of gifts and talents. Be confident in who you are. Share your authentic self. Whether you are single or attached, your recipient will find that very, very, Venus sexy. You can read your friends as plain as day because of how well you can pick up vibes of other people.

Your strongest asset is that you are not afraid of change, in fact, you thrive on the transformation of change. Venus in Sagittarius: Variety is the spice of life for you.

You are always roaming, moving from one place to another, never really committing to anyone. In love you just want someone who is going to partake in all your adventures and not ask too much of you since you value your freedom and independence. Venus in Capricorn: Reserved and humble, you attract others by keeping to yourself.

Those who are willing to get to know you will do so. Very goal oriented and smart, you hope that your friends are as hardworking as you. In relationships you want what is cautious and safe since you are willing to build a home and family with this person. Social class is important to you so you care about how much money you make and might marry into wealth if possible.

Although you are guarded in public, you are able to get in tune with your emotions in private.


Creating partnerships comes natural to you and people will know you to be loyal and responsible. But until then, if you are single, you are sufficient all on your own. You enjoy being eccentric and attract your crushes by making yourself stand out. Ahead of your time, you feel as though you have visionary thoughts.

Aries Venus - The Burning Flame

Your loved ones appreciate your oddities and quirks since this is what makes you special to them. Direct and honest you try to be as real as possible. Venus in Pisces: The type of love you seek is one that is soft hearted, empathetic, and a bit sensitive. You are attracted to those who need saving or you yourself want to be saved.

Loud and abrasive people make you uncomfortable because you suffer too many moods to be dealing with insensitive people.